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Because Simparica TRIO is a prescription product, access to this site is restricted to Canadian pet owners who have a prescription for Simparica TRIO from their veterinarian. Unlocking site content is simple. Just look for the drug identification number (DIN) in the top left-hand corner of the product packaging, enter the digits in the box below.

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Simparica TRIO protects against 5 tick species. Which tick species is responsible for home infestations?

Answer: Brown Dog ticks, also known as the bedbugs of the tick world, can infest your home

Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm disease to your dog,
a potentially fatal disease. Does Simparica TRIO provide robust
protection against heartworms?

Answer: Simparica TRIO was proven to protect 100% of dogs in laboratory and field studies with a single final dose given within one month after the last seasonal exposure to mosquitoes.

Simparica TRIO can be administered with or without food. How much does your dog enjoy receiving his monthly dose of Simparica TRIO?

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Simparica TRIO next year?

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